Developers are used to using a grid system as a solid foundation for their websites, which allows them to take on different challenges during prototyping. Not only do they simply integrate it into a project, but they are also creative and come up with interesting solutions that usually involve fashionable Styles or high-end effects. Not only does the functional side of the project remain safe and solid, but the Frontend also has something to offer.

All the advantages of modular design arise from a design that combines Grid with Harmony: it helps to effectively organize multimedia data and thus presents a fairly balanced structure that can be easily interpreted by ordinary users; it improves usability by providing readers with easily and quickly digestible information that differs from each other in a simple and understandable way; it strengthens the hierarchy of information; it helps to avoid chaos on your content-rich website and much more. Although grids can sometimes be a little disproportionate with an asymmetric balance, they are nevertheless able to sort and manage your data quite efficiently.

Let’s take a look at some new examples that represent website designs based on a grid layout.

Websites with a Raster layout

1. Mei Architects and Planners

The flat style and grid-based layout on this site seem to be made for each other. The Designer harmoniously mixes bright monochrome blocks with blocks based on the image and gives the title page a clean and clear look.

2. Lardini

Fashion-related websites always contain a series of wonderful photos that need to be presented unobtrusively; in this matter, the use of a grid system is more than desirable. Lardini is an excellent example of this; its homepage is well organized and elegant.

3. W3

Here the section with the listed advantages is noteworthy: it has a beautiful box-shaped atmosphere. The team uses a bright square grid with contour graphics that immediately give an idea of the benefits they get.

4. Cantina Valpopicella Negrar

This site looks subtle and absolutely refined and gives a luxurious atmosphere, just as a site that promotes exquisite Plonk should look like. The modular approach, which naturally works with clean and soft backgrounds and line style icons, contributes to the construction of the design aesthetics.

5. Tour de France 2014: The French Grand Prix

Multimedia-rich websites, especially in videos, are usually powered by grid configurations, as they avoid visual clutter and provide a clean and enjoyable way to explore content. This project is an excellent example of this. On the home page, you can easily scan different videos and not get overloaded.

6. Tokyo Light Foundation

Do you want to delight regular users with a dozen beautiful photos and not scare them with an abundance of images and emotions? Next, try to implement a grid layout with a slight dark coloring that will certainly help to achieve the desired result.

7. DD factory

Here you will find a beautiful mix of a simple and dynamic grid. The team doesn’t bother to incorporate sumptuous backgrounds or spectacular photo manipulations, but they win potential customers thanks to simplicity supported by cutting-edge effects.

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