Web designers are artists who make the digital world beautiful. You start tailor-made themes with the wishes of all customers; you publish each design individuality and create better advantages for each project.

The question is, whether these creatives are developing great websites for themselves or for their clients, will they set their best work as a portfolio? Let’s judge each other for this!

Web design by designers and developers

Why Website Design is Important for Web Developers

A portfolio website is designed for the career of a designer. Customers choose the developer who should be hired according to the website portfolios. It is an open door for the talent of the developers. The website shows all the women you have and all the women you can implement on a client’s website. This kind of design is important to be fashionable, current, but easy to use to the chest, with a user-friendly portfolio page, cute navigation, and an attractive set of fonts/colors/icons/buttons.

Why Many Designers Have Trivial Wallets

This is an interesting question. Let’s make individual suggestions:

  • a designer doesn’t have time for his own website;
  • a designer has no desire to work on his website;
  • a designer does not need to have a cool portfolio, because there is no end of customers anyway (and don’t ask, I don’t know how all these people find it).

There are many green, individual logistics, others obscure, that many web design portfolios are hideous, outdated, complex, user-friendly, too bright and noisy, useless.

For example, this one (it’s easy to find through search engine tools and it was almost the first one that caught my attention):

Web designer, UX

Why are you brewing these terrible animations in the header? They irritate and damage the eye. I would like to add that the Global site is not really that bad, but this design “over the wrong one” spoils everyone.

Nevertheless, we should not treat everyone the same, that’s why I put together this very inspiring collection of sites that professional designer create for herself:

Dagobert Renouf Designer Free Website

Use this website. on a yellow picture, which represents the workplace in the background. There is a button for scrolling for one, where the interesting part of the site is created-a notification. It is a blank page with circle images of different sizes. The next exit after the portfolio has a beautiful geometric background structure-this site is so versatile.

Website design

This site attracts attention by a pretty picture of heroes on a sapphire background. The design is originally known with a circular Google map and many other exciting details.

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