Developing a website that effectively and efficiently generates revenue for our customers, that is, generating higher revenues in relation to the total amount, is not an easy task. much less so today, when the skill is very complex.

Although there is no magic and unique formula to implement a 100% perfect landing page, there are certain guidelines that we can take into account from scratch to achieve excellent results.

Below I share 5 tips that we have learned over time after 5 years of entrepreneurship with our Start-up that has developed more than 30 different landing pages to generate online sales.

How to design an effective landing page

1) Focus on a promise of value

As a starting point, we must first understand that there must be only one value proposition for each landing page, which must be transmitted to the customer. We cannot share everything that our company offers on a single website. The client will certainly not understand anything.

As can be seen from the red box, the most important elements necessary for the Organization and Advice of the trip are given the least space. Any additional context or advertising around him is just a distraction that leads to the loss of the client.

Users can only focus on one goal per period. Therefore, the first lesson we learned was to design each sales site separately with one final and concrete goal in mind.

In this matter, in a direct way and without distracting the user, we show our value proposition in the middle of the page, completely isolated.

Important: The more elements we remove from our landing page, the better our Conversion. Keeping the search for a simple and direct destiny is our main goal in front of the eyes of the potential client.

2) The biggest mistake: be prepared to save money on the design

The second mistake we made was to be willing to save money on Design. As with any project, it is important to pay attention to costs. Unfortunately, when working online, it is a big mistake to save on the design of your website.

The seriousness, security, transparency and trust that the customer sees in the first place are reflected in the design of our website. This is because the design has the responsibility to transfer the quality of our work to the end user.

The more beautiful and professional our Design, the better the conversion of customers into sales and revenue for our online travel agency will be.

In the previous article we can even see that an image comes from a photo repository. Another lesson we have learned is that every image we use, and even more so on travel sites, must come from real and concrete people and users of our sites who travel.

3) Always use security in our favor

Another thing that we can and should use in our favor is the implementation of Logos and security systems for customers when concluding the sale.

No one will use your credit card unless you are absolutely sure that the site has all the precautions to keep your information private.

VeriSign, Symantec, TRUSTe and many other Logos are known to customers who give them their security and trust at key moments.

Important: this security information must be transmitted clearly and accurately. Nothing should remain unexplained. Every customer is a different world; that’s why we should compensate for this lack of security with Commitment.

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