When it comes to creating an ecommerce website, you may face challenges in terms of the design and usability of the website. Websites that sell products online need a website that promotes their products and is user-friendly for everyone. There are a number of attributes that successful ecommerce websites have; so if you are just starting out, you may want to incorporate them into your design.

Don’t expect to be rich overnight. In fact, Amazon started in 1995, but they didn’t even have an average order of 47.31 until 2012, according to the Internet retailer. Implement these tips and be patient. Through an excellent e-commerce website, you will eventually see the profits enter.

Tips for Creating a Great Ecommerce Website


If you sell products or services to visitors online, you need to be able to find the products, read the information and quickly go to the checkout with this product. If customers can’t browse your website or find their way, they will leave. Lost visitors mean lost sales; therefore, you need an easy-to-navigate website above all. Ask someone to search your site for you and see what they think about it. Use test groups to try out your new design before releasing it to the public. Fix bugs or usability issues in advance if you can. Since ease of use also affects the ranking of your search engine, it is important to quickly solve problems with the user experience.

A simple but effective design is the best

Your website should have a simple design that can be built with Shopify, but effective. You are selling products – not the design of your website. Therefore, your layout and template should not harm your products in any way. As e-commerce is expected to grow by 9% in 2016, according to eMarketer.com, having an efficient design means that your business will grow as well. It is better to have a minimalist design. Something decorative, but very simple. The only photos they have are those of the products — so that the mind of the visitors is always on what they can buy from you.

Introduce Your Best First

Every e-commerce company has one type of product as the “best”.”Make sure you have a way to showcase these types of products on your website. These products may also lead customers to other related products on the Website. The presented section needs to be updated regularly and remains seasonal. So if you have seasonal items or you have items that you want to promote for a particular holiday, make sure they are listed on your featured section.

Simple payment system

The user experience is crucial for your ranking and the success of your website in general. If your payment process involves several steps that confuse buyers, they will leave their shopping cart and move on. Remember not to force people to create an account just to verify. 26% of leaved shopping carts are because shoppers don’t want to create an account just to buy on an eCommerce website.

Always Promote your Related Products

If someone is looking at a product on your website, they should also see the related products somewhere on the same page. This can encourage the customer to stay on your website for longer, which increases the likelihood that they will buy from you, but is also a pressure-free way to sell more products. For example, they offer bed linen. When a customer sees a duvet, he can see related products such as curtains, bedding or matching decorative pillows.

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