Parallax scrolling developed some time ago, and although it didn’t really start as planned at the time, it is picking up speed. There are Plugins that make transitions much smoother these days-the first parallax scrolling sites were very nervous when scrolling with the mouse-Using the side progress bar worked better, but still not as well as we see now. Parallax and other scrolling effects are great for telling stories in website design and can make a Website page excellent.

Plugins like Skrollr, a stand-alone parallax scrolling library for mobile and desktop that does not use jQuery but only JavaScript, and SuperScrollorama, a jQuery Plugin for scrolling animations, make it easier for developers to add such effects to a website. Here are 20 wonderful examples of parallax scrolling in website design.

Parallax Scrolling

Brice Darmon

This is the very creative Portfolio site of the French photographer Brice Darmon. The categories are divided into colors, which is a perfect example of Parallax scrolling – The marble effect background moves very slowly, and the words and images move at different speeds as you scroll the page down.

Tec Cash Security

This page is almost exclusively in black and white, with some shades of bright red. You use a large header text and hollow buttons when you scroll down the page.

The prince AV

This site is an experiment, the designers used parallax scrolling, scrolling animations, scrolling on a path and some cool illustrations.

This English site is an infographic about the rules and laws of driving in France. It shows how your points system works, the main causes of traffic accidents and much more. Presented on a black background, the entire site uses white and shades of green colors.

Etnies: Marana Line

This page presents a range of sneakers and contains videos, drooping shoes, a geometric background and many other trendy elements, as well as loud rock music.

Willians de Abreu

The Portfolio site of this artistic director is very colorful and has beautiful parallax effects. It is interesting that the images in the slideshow are different.

World Of Hiking

This is a mobile application that is essentially a travel journal. There are some nice animations and some awesome scrolling effects on this page.

The Creative Agency Reflex

This page has split-screen scrolling – when you scroll down, the right side of the screen flies down and the left side flies up. It works great on this site.

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