Monochrome and grayscale color schemes are not new to web design, but they still exist and are always used to great effect. It is not uncommon to find minimal web designs in grayscale these days, and for the purposes of this article, I have not included many users of this color scheme in this article.

It is often a bold gesture to use a dominant color in a design and it can work very well or miss the mark altogether! Here we have selected website designs that effectively use one main color throughout the website.

Web Design With A monochromatic Color Scheme


With such a name, it is not surprising that the landing page is green. When you stay on the landing page, the background and name change the hue, but remain green. The interesting thing about this site is that if you scroll down, the rest of the site is grayscale–unexpected, but clean and beautiful.

Toomas cakes

This freelance designer uses a turquoise color throughout his website. There is also a parallax scroll button, and the site is quite minimalistic in design.


Here is the portfolio of the French digital artistic director Flavien Guilbaud. The entire site is presented in a grayscale color palette, and each page you visit has a large number (06 on the home page) – I didn’t quite understand what the numbers represent, but maybe someone can tell me that !


Jean-Jacques Grubbe

Large white guy on a bold sapphire background… but when you arrive at this page, there is nothing but a pink blinking cursor and the words “start typing” – and you need to get this page to do something – no matter what you type, but you need to keep typing if you want to see Grubbe’s complete bio. A few words are associated with the slider-pink color – a good site to waste a little time !

Netlife Search

This Norwegian agency uses a green color palette with a little extra noise for the texture. The entire website uses the same background color.

Child of Debate

This charity, based in the UK, aims to help children in countries affected by conflict. They have been using the same red and black color scheme for several years, although the design of the site has changed.


This art direction and graphic design website uses a pink overlay over all of its elements, which are presented in a grid-style layout. Many images are constantly changing.

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