When you create a website, you want it to live a long, happy life. That’s why they study the recent trends so carefully. However, the problem is that web fashion is fickle, especially now that technologies are developing at lightning speed. How to secure your site from early aging ? Of course, looking at the probable future of current trends.

Here’s what we did for you: a quick search for news in the web development community. Below is information about web design trends that should be continued at least for the next year. So you can safely use them for your designs. We hope that this will help you extend the life of your site.

The Future of Web Design Trends

More Design Less Programming

The community believes that web design will be more part of design and less part of programming. From our point of view, this is great news, especially for those who do not want to learn complicated coding. The truth is that many frameworks available on the market today already mean that designers don’t have to mess around with code as much as they had to before.

Open source code

This point should also make the designers cheer. As, in the opinion of the majority, an open-source web design, with all open-source tool sets thrive. This could certainly help increase margins in the future if someone is looking forward to entrepreneurship in web technology and website development.

Good appearance

The following trend will continue to develop in the future, as every company is crucial for the web presence. The market will be more demanding on beautiful, prominent and spectacular website designs, rather than on content. Therefore, the main areas that someone needs to focus on are image processing, as well as new, lighter and faster technologies.

Less is and will be more in the future

We do not think that this requires an explanation, since minimalism in design has grown so much that now it is simply impossible to uproot it from the cohort of other trends. And more importantly, there is no reason for this. We therefore expect this to become an over-minimalism.

More scrolling and fewer clicks

The practice of web design shows that infinite pages do not irritate visitors, but rather arouse interest in content. As for the clickable buttons, several buttons confuse the user. If you want someone to do something (for example, click on the button), it is always better to limit the goal (focus the attention of the client). In other words, the site, oriented to one goal and having only one button, will be much more effective than its competitor with several goals and the same number of buttons.

Less text

Try to make the text as concise as possible. This trick arises from the fact that people like to save time surfing the Internet from portable devices when they have free time, i.e. on the go. Therefore, it makes sense to shorten the text in order to forward your message to the end user as soon as possible.

Vivid colors

Using bright colors to highlight important information is a good decision, especially given the general tendency of the web to pure and clean layouts.

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