The micro-content can be attributed to titles, titles, slogans, as well as a small group of words, fascinating pictures or a captivating short video. Instagram Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., but in a traditional sense, it still has the right to life, especially in terms of website design…. Instagram Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., but in the traditional sense, it still has the right to life, especially when it comes to website design. Facebook Instagram this idea has a new meaning today: micro-content is considered something optimized for sharing through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Using as little content as possible has definitely become a new trend. A concise presentation of the data turns out to be more advantageous and effective. Saving time for your customers by providing the right and point information is best in our rapidly changing world where we are used to making decisions on the spot. And today we will present 20 convincing arguments by demonstrating advanced sites that effectively use micro-content.

Web Design With Micro Content


The landing page of this non-profit organization uses a grid layout, where each cell contains statistical data, which is expressed in concise form. You can both familiarize yourself with the important numbers and watch short videos created to support each mission.

Second World Cup

This is where Twitter leads the broadcast, and to be more precise, the people involved in the discussion about the 2014 FIFA World Cup on Twitter mainly contribute to the site. The website briefly and clearly presents the social activities related to each country and each actor. Each bubble contains the ranking and the number of tweets.

100 Years of the Future

This site allows you to review more than one centennial anniversary of history filled with important events that have greatly improved our lives. The team offers its online audience spectacular complimentary photos and short descriptions.

Send a great idea

This website is speculation about “your idea”. It consists of short judgments that will guide you from beginning to end. Each slide contains not only a phrase but also a scroll-activated animation that enhances the illustration.

Glory or forgiveness?

This site is certainly inspired by Vine. It is populated by several captivating short videos that show different people who are not afraid to show their skills of ball control. The site is aimed at attracting as many users as possible, and such an interesting approach does it very well.

Designers from British Columbia

Incorporating several eye-catching phrases or slogans has become a tradition for many digital agencies and artists. They equip their landing pages with short slogans and currencies that show their best side.

Comfort zone for pets

This website is full of micro-content that you can find anywhere. For example, the cursor, the testimonial section, several widgets and even the footer section contain micro-content.

The media of Morad

Although no one likes boring statistics, sometimes numbers say more than a lush video or a full text. Correctly presented, you can quickly inform users about the details.
“More than 10 thousand projects, more than 400 clients ” – these statistics seem really impressive, who could resist? Yes, it is a very good solution to illuminate your experience.

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